Things to Do in Hong Kong For Teenagers

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Hong Kong can be an overwhelming, bustling metropolis. So how can we keep teenagers occupied while visiting?

If your teen enjoys music, why not treat them to DJ lessons? This modern take on classic instrument lessons is especially popular in Hong Kong; with numerous piano tutors also offering this form of education in this city.Los Angeles to Hong Kong Cathay Pacific transportation options are available.

1. Tsim Sha Tsui Street Food

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As part of an afternoon excursion along Nathan Road (the main strip that connects Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon), stopping off at Chungking Mansions to try out some street food can help balance the energy levels of teenagers. Once there, Kowloon Park offers breathtaking views before you enjoy curry fish balls from Lam Cheong Kee on Haiphong Road for dessert!

Kwun Chung Market and Cooked Food Centre in Yau Ma Tei also offers delicious yet inexpensive meals, from Hap Hueng Garden’s delicious satay beef noodles to pork chops at Wah Heung Yuen; or Fat Boy’s variety of soy-marinated octopus and meat/offal skewers – you won’t go hungry here!

Laser tag can also help your teens burn off energy. Working together as a team to score points will keep them engaged for hours – it is particularly popular among teenagers in Hong Kong! For something less intense and intense, why not hit up one of Hong Kong’s bowling alleys instead?

2. Ocean Park

Ocean Park, widely considered to be the world’s first marine theme park, features an exciting variety of animal attractions and thrill rides across two zones – The Waterfront and The Summit. Operated by Ocean Park Corporation – a not-for-profit organization focused on education and conservation while offering entertainment at an affordable price – Ocean Park stands as an institution worth visiting!

The Park strives to promote sustainable seafood consumption by eliminating shark fin from menus and employing fish with sustainability certification for food outlets. Furthermore, they have revitalized popular local street snacks like fish balls and dumplings by procuring sustainable sources.

The zoo is home to over 10,000 animals from 500 species, such as pandas, dolphins and sea lions. Walk the Rainforest Trail for an opportunity to spot tropical birds and reptiles! Also check out exciting shows at Amazing Bird Theatre Ocean Theatre or Symbio!

Downloading the Ocean Park App before your visit will provide show times, maps (it’s easy to get lost in The Summit area!), discounts and special promotions. From March through May, Ocean Park is also holding Joyful Fruit Month where healthy fruit dishes will be offered across its restaurants while animal fun facts related to fruits will be displayed at various attractions sites.

3. Disneyland

Hong Kong offers many amusement park options for teenagers and their families to enjoy amusement parks, with Ocean Park serving up heart-pounding rides and lip-smacking fair food, while Disneyland brings some magic with the world’s first Halloween event there as well as daily daystrips or seasonal special events like Halloween at Disney – there is sure to be something fun and engaging here for teens as well as adults!

Put some adrenaline in your system with a ride on Hong Kong Formula 1 Raceway or test out teamwork at a laser tag arena – both activities make for great rainy-day or birthday-party entertainment! Many top venues in Hong Kong provide these activities.

If your teenage is musically-inclined, why not let them try their hand at DJ lessons? These unique takes on traditional instrument lessons are very popular in Hong Kong and may give your future Calvin Harris the advantage they need.

If your teenager prefers indoor activities, check out either the 45,000 square foot SuperPark in Tai Kok Tsui or Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park in North Point for some high-energy fun. Both offer rock climbing walls, skating/scooting facilities, golf ranges, trampolines with an angled wall trampoline feature, trampolines for jumping off platforms as well as more than 90 different attractions to keep them engaged!

4. Chi Lin Nunnery

If your family needs some peace and quiet in this bustling city, consider visiting Chi Lin Nunnery for a day of serenity and Tang dynasty architecture. Established in 1934 and rebuilt in 1998, this temple complex used ancient Chinese monastic construction techniques when creating its impressive wooden structures made of cypress wood held together without using nails – truly impressive structures!

The complex features stunning Chinese gardens and courtyards, as well as sixteen enormous cedar halls devoted to various aspects of Buddha’s teachings. Furthermore, Buddhist nuns reside here and operate elderly care homes, schools and a library – it’s open and free for public visitation!

Be sure to bring along your camera when visiting Chi Lin and its stunning temples and gardens, with its breathtaking temples and gardens. Try capturing some photos with Hong Kong skyscrapers in the background for an iconic Hong Kong feel, or be creative by including interesting elements of scenery as foreground elements for more artistic photos. Nan Lian Garden should not be missed either as another charming garden complex.

5. Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island is an engaging business and entertainment center where cosmopolitan Chinese and Western influences collide. Here you will find Hong Kong University as well as several bustling business districts like Central District and Causeway Bay/Wan Chai shopping malls offering luxury shopping. At nighttime there’s Lan Kwai Fong/Hollywood Road nightlife scenes.

But this island offers more than its city landmarks; it features beautiful beaches (Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay are two examples), magnificent hiking trails, and specialty shops offering herbal medicines, seafood and antiques.

Accessing Hong Kong Island is simple with the efficient MTR rapid transit system and double-decker buses, as well as its world’s longest roofed outdoor escalator – both provided by Hong Kong Island itself.

Be mindful of politics when visiting Hong Kong. While most residents identify as part of China, there remains dissonance between those supporting Beijing’s government and those believing Hong Kong should develop on its own terms. Be wary about striking up conversations about “One Country, Two Systems”, Umbrella Movement or proposed extradition laws without knowing your audience; doing some preliminary research beforehand will prove helpful.

6. Lantau Island

Although your teens will love Kowloon’s bustling streets and lively atmosphere, there are also plenty of other ways for them to experience Hong Kong’s distinctive cuisine outside its urban core. From street food like waffles topped with fish balls and shrimp balls on sticks to taking DJ classes or learning how to spin vinyl records at one of the city’s many DJ classes – there is sure to be something special here that your teen is sure to enjoy.

Teens seeking peace can visit Chi Lin Nunnery, an exquisite public Buddhist garden and temple just minutes from downtown Kowloon via Metro. Or they could explore more challenging terrain with a hike along Lantau Trail’s seventykm course – popular among runners and backpackers for its breathtaking vistas of nature and surroundings.

Lantau Island boasts long sandy beaches and mountainous terrain for an authentic nature experience that stands apart from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island’s hustle-bustle streets. Visitors will discover waterfalls, fishing villages and quiet retreats for relaxation in order to fully take in its landscapes.

7. Steam Ship

If your teenager needs a break from Hong Kong’s high-rises, why not head for one of its beaches? From Repulse Bay to Deep Water Bay, just hop on public transport and head towards one of these idyllic beach spots with cleaner waters and less people. Or take them on an even more serene junk boat tour along the coastline for even greater tranquility away from noise and crowds!

Your kids might not admit it, but even they secretly enjoy amusement parks! From Ocean Park with its thrilling rides and delectable fair food offerings to Disneyland with its more relaxed environment and family-oriented appeal – any trip will definitely put them in an upbeat state of mind.

Laser tag requires teamwork and problem-solving skills, making it an exciting way for your teen to sharpen his or her mental faculties. Plus, its low-light venues will give them an immersive sci-fi movie experience!

Teenagers love singing their hearts out, displaying their vocal skills. Karaoke rooms provide the ideal space for teens to express themselves while staying safe. Two such establishments in Causeway Bay – CEO Neway or Red MR both provide student discounts as well as private rooms to host larger groups.

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