7 Great Team-Building Activities to Try Out with Your Co-Workers!


Ah, colleagues: you spend at least eight hours a day with them, share a co-working space, and make campaign-altering decisions with them. Whether you’re a green novice with sparkles in your eyes or a jaded veteran on the precipice of burnout, it’s evident that establishing rapport amongst team members is crucial to success. Need guidance on what to do and where to go? We share our preferred team-building activities in Singapore that will foster a sense of community among the employees.

Attend a craft class.

Creativity is beneficial for problem-solving in the workplace, but it must be refined and exercised. There is no better way to accomplish this than by engaging in city-based craft seminars! Consider gin-making, tapestry-weaving, and leather-crafting classes that will stimulate your creativity and test your skills. Encourage your colleagues to create something for their specific companions and comrades to add interest. We cannot fathom a more thoughtful gift from a colleague.

Solve mysteries and puzzles.

There are intriguing escape chambers in Singapore that will challenge your intelligence and wits. You can choose from various fantastical scenarios – a crime scene, magical themes, demonic spectacles, etc. – and ‘escape’ by solving the room’s mysteries within the allotted time. If you have a large team, divide yourselves into smaller groups in order to nurture camaraderie more effectively (or to spread romantic rumours #officedrama).


Get tipsy.

This is a no-brainer, particularly if you work with happy-hour-loving coworkers. Close up shop early, reserve a few tables at a concealed speakeasy or rooftop bar, and order rounds for everyone. Don’t overlook the non-alcoholic beverages! As the night progresses, work-related concerns will fade away. Then, it’s time to let loose and reveal all…

Design your own office attire.

Even though we’re not discussing something as ambitious as the Power Rangers, a common element can go a long way. Involve your team in hands-on sewing classes in Singapore, and you may just see the products of their exertion, such as a stitched-up company badge or a scarf that everyone can wear when the office gets chilly.

Learn kung-fu.

If there’s one thing the film Ip Man taught us, it’s that martial arts training can produce a loyal workforce. Hopefully, you’ll never have to defend yourself against office hooligans, but martial arts classes may help instil discipline and stamina in the team. In addition, they will appreciate this change of scenery!

Learn a new talent in a culinary class.

Too many chefs contaminate the broth? Not if you work effectively! In culinary classes, divide into pairs or groups of three and assign tasks precisely and logically to avoid any potential disasters. For example, imagine you’re working on a large, multi-part project for a client, but instead of cumbersome computers, you’ll be handling dishes and cutlery. Who can say? One of you could become the next larder cook! And we are aware that some of you will merely demonstrate eye power.

Bust some moves.

Do you have colleagues who struggle to multitask? Improve everyone’s coordination by enrolling them in dance classes, so no one in the office will appear to have two left feet. In addition, they are beneficial to the mind because routines must be memorised, and if you choose a dance that requires group formations, such as line dancing or hip-hop, it will test everyone’s cooperation!

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