10 destinations pour votre lune de miel.?

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The honeymoon, the time to celebrate this union and the start of a new life together! It’s the perfect time to get away with the loved one and escape the madness of this world! A honeymoon should be unique, spectacular, relaxing and romantic, in 1 word: unforgettable! If you are looking for ideas for a memorable honeymoon, Nicéa Mariage today offers you 10 destinations, enough to inspire you to choose te perfect trip!


If you love African wildlife, choose Kenya! The cradle of vast plains and animals such as wildebeest, gazelles, giraffes, zebras and big cats… Give a wild touch to your honeymoon and stay in a luxury lodge in Kenya for an original trip that changes the world sandy beach and idleness.

Images by (Wajahat Mahmood, Franco Pecchio, Christopher Michel)

2) California

California will delight you, good weather, magnificent landscapes and enriching visits to discover: The Golden Gate, The Point Lobos Reserve, Alcatraz Island, Yosemite Park, San Francisco Bay, Universal Studios, elephant seals, etc etc. So many activities that will punctuate your honeymoon and make it unforgettable.

Images by (Couple: Emmanuel_D.Photography, Mountain: Jeff P, Danny Perez Photography)

 3) Cook Islands

Located between New Zealand and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, the Cook Archipelago and its 15 islands invite you to calm with its lagoons and its idyllic and impregnable natural habitats. The water is warm like the climate, a relaxing atmosphere for your honeymoon. Expect to wake up each morning to a true natural paradise of tranquility and scenery that is hard to imagine. A good option in our opinion…

4) New Zealand

Unique and extravagant landscapes that have inspired many films and TV series await you in New Zealand. If you like space, you will be served, New Zealand has 4 million inhabitants on a territory as big as England. A must, a little remote but worth the detour for an unforgettable honeymoon.

 Images by: Tom Hall, J Brew, Sid Mosdell, Dave Young, Jaafar Alnasser

 5) Costa Rica

Ah Costa Rica! Boutique hotels, world-class luxury resorts, lush hot springs, gorgeous beaches, and incredible natural beauty. You are sporty, you can hike in the dense tropical forests to discover the most exotic creatures in the world. If you want something more daring, consider a trip to the white waters of the Rio Toro, or take a canopy tour above the trees in Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Rica is undoubtedly a honeymoon destination that you will not regret.

 Images by: Armando Maynez, Bruce Thomson, Alex Elfon

6) Turks and Caicos Islands

Famous for having one of the longest coral reefs in the world, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a destination for couples who want to spend more time underwater than on land, the diving here is world class. But don’t worry if diving isn’t your thing, the archipelago’s 40 islands will offer you blinding white sand beaches coupled with turquoise blue waters like nowhere else.

 Images by: Aaron Keene, Swallowtail Garden Seeds, Ben Ramirez

 7) Bali

Get ready to be blasted off to one of Asia’s top destinations for couples, especially those looking for something different. In addition to having magnificent white sand beaches, Bali offers many water sports activities. A tour in the land? you can also find yourself in the middle of the exotic lands drawn by the volcanic mountains. A hike in the green and lush forests. In terms of accommodation, unlike some destinations on the islands, you will have a very wide choice of inexpensive accommodation in world-class luxury hotels.

 Images by: Riza Nugraha, Sean McGrath, Jimmy McIntyre

 8) Tahiti

. With over 118 islands and famous destinations like Moorea and Bora Bora, Tahiti has all the ingredients to meet the need for an exquisite and unique honeymoon.

 Images by: Jon Rawlinson, Tim Moffatt, Roderick Eime, Jeff Rowley

9) Santorini in Greece

There are many romantic and incredible things to expect from Greece, you can explore Athens, the Acropolis, Crete, or Aegina. However, if you want a truly unique honeymoon experience, check out Santorini. This island is located in the Aegean Sea and emerged from the remains of a large volcano. Enjoy the striking dichotomy between relaxation and white buildings juxtaposed against a backdrop of deep blue waters.

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