Things to Do in Dubai if You Don’t Have Your Own Car

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Dubai is a land of beautiful monuments, Shopping malls, an attractive skyline, endless desert, classic beaches, and skyscrapers. Exploring every corner of Dubai in your car will give you the true fun and thrill of touring Dubai. However, as a tourist, you will not have a car in Dubai. But it never means that you cannot enjoy your stay there without a car. You can explore every inch of this marvelous city without a car as well.

Before heading towards the things you can do without a car, let’s first discuss the two possibilities that you can choose from.

Your Own Car

Rent a Car

The first possibility is to rent a car in Dubai to fulfill the absence of your own car. This is not a difficult task as there are a lot of rental companies in Dubai that you can choose to rent a car. However, the best thing is to rent a car in Hor Al Anz. There are some specific reasons to choose Hor Al Anz. Firstly it is situated just at a distance of just 6 km from Dubai. There are many car rental providers such as ocd to rent a car in Hor Al Anz and start exploring this marvelous city from Dubai Creek to Burj Khalifa.

Secondly, it is one of the most populated areas in Dubai. There are a lot of car rental companies to fulfill the requirements of a large population. So you will get affordable rates and a vast variety of cars due to expanded competition.

Public Transport

The most convenient way to explore Dubai when you don’t own a car is the use of public transport. Public transport is very expanded in this advanced city. You can easily get a bus or shuttle to any region of this splendid city. If you don’t have enough budget to rent a car, then using public transport would be the best option. You can enjoy your tour to Dubai on public transport as well. We will tell you what things you can do and places you can explore using public transport in Dubai.

The following are some of the top bus routes in Dubai and the areas that they covered and you can explore them by using these routes.

Red Line

This metro bus line starts from Maktoum road and covers a big part of Dubai where most of the monuments are situated. This bust line covers the following visiting spots.

  • It has a stop near Dubai Mall. A lot of things are present there that you can explore. Start at Dubai mall and have a look at the latest shopping trends in Dubai. You will also get a chance to see the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo in this mall. Very next to the mall is Burj Khalifa. You have to reach there and see the beauty of the whole land from the top of the world’s largest building. Dubai fountain is also present nearby.
  • Some most popular souks in Dubai are also present on the same route. Spice and gold souk are the two most visited markets. You will also find a traditional old souk.
  • City Walk, Dubai Museum, Wafi, and heritage village are also present near some stations of this red line bus route.

Green Line

This metro route starts from Al Ghusais and runs along Salahuddin Road. Following are the top visiting spots that are covered by this bus line.

  • This bus line had one of the biggest stops near Al Madinat Jumeirah. You will get a chance to explore Jumeirah beach and a variety of resorts. You will also get a chance to visit Souk Madinat.
  • Burj al-Arab and Mall of Emirates are some other mentionable places that can be explored via this route.

Blue Line

This is the best pick to travel towards the main Dubai from the Airport. It covers the following exploration points.

  • Marina Beach is one of its top stations. You will also explore Marian Walk, Marina Promenade, and Marina Mall at this station.
  • Al Ittihad Park, Atlantis park, Media City, and Atlantis water park are some other major places that can be visited via this route.

Final Words

The ball is now in your coat. You can either rent a car from any of the most popular car rental companies in Dubai or use public transport to explore this City of Gold. If you’re opting for the former method, you are opting for a comfortable route, as it provides you with the liberty to easily band other areas in Dubai.

Regardless of your choice, endless fun and thrill are waiting for you in this beautiful emirate

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