Experience Agra’s Delicious Food on a Tour

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The taj mahal private tours to Agra will leave you hungry, but luckily there are many well-known restaurants in the city to choose from. You can get a sample of the native cuisine on some walking tours of the Taj Mahal. Participants in these visits will not only get to select local cuisine and observe the preparation of classic dishes, but they will also hear interesting anecdotes about Agra’s oldest restaurants.

Food in Agra

Experience Agra's

1. Petha

Petha, a sweet dish made in Agra, is well-known all over India. White pumpkin or ash gourd is the base for this dessert, flavoured with various spices and other ingredients. This tasty confection comes in a wide range of forms. Petha comes in two distinct textures: dry, hard, and chewy, and soft, syrupy. Pethas come in various flavours, including white, saffron, anise, and pan.

2. Dalmoth

Dalmoth is a nut and lentil and spice and oil blend. It is typical of Namkeen and crunchy, spicy, and just a little greasy. If you’re craving something crunchy to snack on, this is the way to go with your cup of tea. This classic namkeen (snack) comes in boxes and bags of Dalmoth, and its fiery flavour will knock your socks off.

3. Bedhai& Jalebi

Breakfast Bedhai can be found at several of Agra’s roadside stalls. There are two components to this sweet and spicy combination: the spicy bedhai and the sweet Jalebi. Fried bread is similar to Kachori, called Bedhai, and is typically served with a spicy sabzi that also includes potato chunks and a dollop of curd. Delicious Jalebi is produced by frying fermented batter and then soaking them in boiling sugar syrup. You can have this well-rounded breakfast anywhere in the city.

4. Paratha

The city of Agra has become well-known for its parathas, a staple of Mughlai cuisine. Vegetarians in Agra love the pan-fried flat wheat bread called parathas, loaded with vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and cheese. If you want authentic Indian cuisine, parathas are the way to go. The typical Indian breakfast consists of curd, pickle, and chutney and is often considered healthy and filling.

5. Mughlai Cuisine

The Mughlai cuisine is a relic of the time when the Mughals ruled India. Mughal cuisine has been adopted. The meat in the Mughlai meal is supplemented with creamy and robust curries, and there are also heaps of dried fruits and crushed and whole spices. The Mughlai cuisine served in Agra has a distinct and exquisite flavour. The Mughals left indelible marks on the cuisine of Agra when they made the city the capital of India in the 16th century.

6. Chaat

Dahi-Bhalla, Raj kachori, samosas, and Gol gappas are some of Agra’s most well-known chaat-based delicacies. Since the Bhalla family is the most beloved in Agra. In Agra, Bhalla is a smashed-open patty made of fried potato and chickpeas served with a spicy-sweet tamarind sauce and grated ginger. The Bhallas here is larger and crunchier than the ones elsewhere. You can only get this delicious treat on the streets of Agra, and it’s well worth the trip.


The taj mahal private tour are available and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. These tours were designed with history buffs in mind and are a must for everyone traveling to India. Visit Agra’s most well-known tourist attractions and other historic sights, then fill up on the city’s delicious cuisine.

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