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Do you want to learn or improve your kayaking practice? Welcome to, the online resource for sea kayaking and touring. The goal: to make kayaking accessible to everyone!

Created by a passionate kayaker for more than 20 years, this site offers advice for learning to paddle, knowing navigation techniques and mastering good kayaking safety practices. You will also find comparisons and buying guides for equipment, whether kayak paddles, inflatable kayaks, kayaker’s clothing or safety equipment (life jackets, etc.).

ent kayaks suitable for so many uses. Discover the models and find the Bic kayak that meets your desires and needs to give your first paddle strokes in the best conditions.

See the comparison of Bic Sport kayaks

The best inflatable kayaks

Inflatable kayaks have improved over time to the point of having little to envy rigid kayaks. Their great advantage is transport and storage. Deflated, you can easily fit an inflatable kayak in the trunk of your car or store it in a garage. Sevylor and Intex offer various models for all uses. Discover our comparison.

See the comparison of inflatable kayaks

Who is the kayaker behind this site?

My name is Clement. When I was 8 years old, I fell into the world of kayaking, and for more than 20 years, I have never left.

Me in a kayakPassionate, I tried all types of boats and practices. Living in Brittany, I enjoyed sea kayaking a lot but this region allows you to enjoy many rivers. This allowed me to diversify my practices in white water (slalom and freestyle), in the waves (wave-ski) and

in touring (bivouacs, hiking at sea).

With age and practice, I have accumulated some experience in kayaking, navigation techniques and how to equip yourself. I decided to give back some of what I had been taught. I passed a federal diploma and I started to supervise groups of young and old, whether in my kayak club or in the context of seasonal jobs.

For 5 years, I taught dozens of beginner kayakers to equip themselves, to choose the right paddle, to learn to paddle, to skid…

Today, I continue this process of sharing through this site where I write advice for learning to navigate in a kayak, to paddle and to choose your equipment.

All our advice for learning kayaking, mastering paddle techniques and choosing your equipment

Skim over pebbles, go up a river bed, embark on a fishing session… So many reasons to love kayaking! Discover the points to check to choose the kayak that is right for you and that will meet your expectations!

articles about kayaks

How to choose your kayak paddle? How to hold it? How to paddle efficiently? All these questions are essential for a good start in kayaking. Discover the answers and our advice on kayak paddles.

Articles on paddles

Discover our recommended clothing for kayakers and the best accessories to get the most out of your kayak. All our guides on dry bags, neoprene outfits, kayak trailer, paddle leach, skirts…

Articles on equipment

Learn kayaking

Techniques and navigation

Remove the wheels and learn how to roll, how to get back into your boat after desalting, how to tow a partner or read a nautical chart, optimize your paddling. In short: improve your kayak skills!

Articles on kayaking techniques

January 31, 2019

Transporting the kayak to the beach and launching it is not always easy due to the weight and volume of the boat. If you are alone or have to travel a long distance from your car or garden to the watering hole, you are probably […]

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