Family-Focused Benefits: Why Travel Insurance is a Must for Family Vacations


There is often nothing quite like travelling with family. Having shared experiences and showing them the world often brings more excitement and joy than doing it alone. However, at a time in a world where risks loom in the background, one which can lead to significant financial loss and negatively impact your travel experience. While facing these challenges alone is still bearable to a certain extent, having these risks affect your loved ones can be a different ordeal.

Travel Insurance

This is why, whenever travelling, families must opt for family travel insurance cover to secure their journey and travel with peace of mind. But what is travel insurance, and why must a traveller purchase it? How do you choose the right international travel insurance for families and buy it online?

What is travel insurance, and why is it a must?

Travel insurance is a risk management tool that travellers can use to protect themselves and their loved ones from risks associated with travelling. These risks can range in severity and frequency of occurrence; however, they are very real and should be considered whenever travelling. That is because while many of these risks exist during our daily lives, they are often exacerbated when travelling, leading to financial loss and hampering your medical well-being.

One of the main reasons it is preferable to opt for travel insurance when travelling abroad is the non-coverage of medical insurance when travelling outside one’s country. For example, if you are from India and are travelling to the USA, then your local health insurance does not cover any medical expenses incurred while in the USA. However, with travel insurance for USA, depending on the specific policy opted for, this expense is often covered, protecting you and your family from incurring losses.

How do you choose the right family travel insurance?

When travelling with our family, the number one priority is their safety and well-being. However, choosing the right travel insurance and securing your travel is vital to ensure this. Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing an insurance policy.

1.  Coverage options

When choosing an insurance policy, one of the primary factors to assess is the coverage offered. These are the specific risks that the insurer covers under the policy.

2.  Exclusions

Travellers must also consider the activities and circumstances not covered under a travel policy. Travellers must understand that any expenses or losses incurred from participating in these activities are not covered, and the claim might be rejected.

3. Claim limit

The claim limit or sum insured is the total amount of money a policy will disburse when settling a claim. It is vital to assess this amount and increase or decrease it based on your specific circumstances and needs.

4. Reliability of the insurer

Before purchasing any particular policy, it is essential to check the insurer’s reliability. That is because although dozens of insurers exist, not all may be up to the standard when settling claims. Look for reliable companies like Niva Bupa for your insurance needs.

How to purchase international travel insurance online?

With the advent of the digital revolution, insurers have chosen to provide travel insurance online through intuitive and easy-to-use portals. By doing this, travellers can enjoy unmatched convenience and peace of mind when choosing a policy. This guide will use Niva Bupa as an example for ease of explanation. However, the process might be similar for other insurers as well.

Here is how you can purchase a travel policy for your family:

  1. Visit the Niva Bupa website and click on Travel Insurance.
  2. On the new page, fill out the required fields on the portal. This will include travel destination, duration of travel, type of travel, and phone number.
  3. After filling in these details, click on next to fill in traveller details.
  4. On the next page, you can customise the claim limit, type of plan, preview the premium prices, and add any add-ons if applicable.
  5. Once the plan is as you want, fill out the KYC and other declarations to purchase the policy.
  6. Make the payment to purchase the policy and get the policy document.


In conclusion, there is nothing quite like travelling with your family. Whether it is sharing common experiences or building up memories that last a lifetime, family travel is something to look forward to. However, when travelling, families should consider getting the right travel insurance to ensure safety for all.

By following the above-given steps and considering the factors that influence this choice, it is possible to secure the well-being of your family, all while ensuring peace of mind and convenience. So secure your travel, explore the world, and build everlasting memories with the right family plan today.

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